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Welcome from the Principal

Welcome back to the new school year!  We enjoyed seeing all the children back in their new classrooms last week.  It was lovely to see them again and realise how much they all seem to have grown over the summer!

A big Copthill welcome to the following children and their families who are joining us this term; I know you will all make them feel extremely welcome:

Year 5: Thayer Norfolk, Hermione Polito and Joshua White

Year 4: Jacob Forster and Henry Waldock

Year 3:  Monty McGill, Ben Rumberlow-Lall and Erin White

Year 2: Charlie Fenner, Charlotte Goy and Emilia Wilde

Year 1: Angus McGill, James Newmark, Bertie Norfolk and Grace Rumberlow-Lall

Reception: Finnley Kersey, Lewin Kersey, Alexander Moss, Joshua Pugh and Ben Sullivan

Pre-School:  Eliza Devos, Evelyn Fletcher, Theo Grace, Matilda Howard, Benji May, Isla McGrady, Florence Richmond-Griffin, Digby Scott and Oliver Wilde

Nursery: Charlotte Baxter, Nate Dawson, Rupert Fletcher, Poppy May, Amelia Newmark, Jax Norfolk and Frederick Thurlby.

A warm welcome also to our new teaching staff, Emily Fletcher and Charlotte Hamer (Year 1) and Sarah Hawkins (Year 4). Rosie Farrell joins as a new EY apprentice and Debbie Greenwood, Diane Fewings and Elly Bressington join our cleaning team. We are also delighted that Mrs Rachel Stanbury takes up a permanent role as Year 5/6 teacher.

We are also pleased to welcome back our wonderful catering team and look forward to providing all the children with their delicious hot lunches again. Menus for future weeks will be attached to the weekly bulletin.  I am sure you will be relieved that packed lunches will no longer be part of your busy morning routine!  I know the catering team will also be making good use of the amazing variety of vegetables that the children and Mrs Rickett grew last term in the school garden.

Last term, though it will never be forgotten, seems a distant memory.  The school has not closed throughout the summer and we have utilised the time to make a number of improvements, based on our experiences last term.  Various small modifications have been made to the building to help with the safe movement of children around the school.  Totally funded by the generous donation from the CPSC, the new Library/Resources Room has been turned into a wonderful spacious room which will be well used in the coming weeks.  Our thanks to the CPSC for making this project a reality.  The staff have also been extremely busy preparing for the coming term, with many having to move and set up new classrooms.  Most importantly, we have had over 250 holiday activity sessions attended by the children which were all a great success.

We remain committed this term in maintaining our high standards across every aspect of school life, as well as trying to ensure the health and wellbeing of the school community through this ongoing pandemic.  Whilst much thought and preparation has gone into protecting the children, staff and whole school community, the coming months are still full of uncertainty for everyone. Your support last term was hugely appreciated and we would ask for your continued patience and understanding as we gradually and safely try to return as much as possible to school life that has been the cornerstone of a Copthill education for the last 50 years.

What I can say with certainty is that, whatever lies ahead, it will not and does not prevent us from educating all the children in the vital qualities which have always been fundamental to a Copthill education. Using all the amazing resources here, both indoor and outdoors, and our inspirational staff, we will continue to provide as many opportunities as possible to enthuse all the children and help them grow as Copthill Learners.

I know that ‘The Copthill Way’, which involves a positive and pragmatic approach, will stand all our children and staff in good stead over the coming weeks.

We look forward to seeing all the children again this week.

Best wishes

Jonathan Teesdale