Year 2

Whacking and Wandering…

Well what a way to end our Pirate topic! We have been reading, acting and re-telling the story ‘ A New Home for a Pirate’. We have loved learning about Jed and Ted and will miss our pirate stories.

In Forest School we have been making pirate bandanas with juice from berries and other lovely things we have found wandering through the Copthill grounds.

We have put our science heads on and have been doing a float and sink experiment. The children had a number of items to predict whether they though they were going to float or sink and then tested them in some water to see whether our predictions were correct.

The children’s stationery kits have been sent home with them for you to check whether there is anything missing. We are getting through pencils like you wouldn’t believe with all this pirate story writing!

Some maths activities have been set on MyMaths to keep our maths brains in gear for when we come back. This is not compulsory but please do have a check as to whether it was working, so we can then sort any login or technical issues out when we come back. 

We have had an amazing start to the term and we look forward to welcoming you all back after half term.

Stay safe and Enjoy!