Year 2 Diary Entry: Part 1

Our topic for this term is Famous People, this week we have been learning all about Samuel Pepys. He is famous for writing a diary of the Great Fire of London. He buried cheese to keep it safe from the fire! For our independent explorer homework we need to build a Tudor house out of a cardboard box so that we can recreate the Great Fire of London at Copthill School. (A note from the teachers – please do not bring it in until the week before half term many thanks).

In art we drew portraits of lots of famous people such as the Queen, Florence Nightingale, David Walliams, Emma Raducanu and Billie Eilish! We learnt how to draw a face properly and make sure the eyes, ears, nose and mouth were all in the right places.

We learnt how to take part in games as a team during our games lesson, these are called invasion games.

Miss Gardner and Mrs Underwood would also like us to make a poster or a presentation about a famous person (please do not do Neil Armstrong, Florence Nightingale, Samuel Pepys, Louis Braille or the Queen). Try and find out as much information as you can about the person you choose.

  • Written by the children of 2G and 2U

It is rather chilly at the minute, please make sure your son/daughter has gloves, scarves and hats in school – especially on Forest school days and games days.