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As one of the original pupils who attended Copthill, I’m delighted to be running this exciting, vibrant and highly successful co-ed day school.  Our aim is to motivate pupils to succeed, and they truly do.

Jonathan Teesdale, Principal

From the Principal, Copthill School
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Everyday we encourage children to grow and become independent explorers through risk-taking and problem solvers through decision-making in the classroom and outdoors. As a result, our pupils develop an excellent attitude to working independently and collaboratively. These important skills prepare them to join a wide range of state and independent senior schools. More importantly though, our approach encourages our pupils to have good manners, generosity of spirit and to develop excellent social skills.

‘What makes Copthill different?’ we’re often asked. The list is long and our website aims to convey the tremendous breadth of a Copthill education, from feeding alpacas to having lessons in a wigwam. In a nutshell, our ultimate goal is to nurture responsible citizens for the future.

We believe we have succeeded when we develop a joy for learning and an enthusiasm for life, in each and every pupil. Come and find out what makes us so special. We can assure you of a very warm welcome.

Jonathan Teesdale – Principal

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At Copthill, we will…

Put the pupil at the heart of their education, making the education fit the pupil rather than trying to make the pupil fit into a one-size-fits-all system.

Care for our pupils as individuals within a supportive family community, learning and growing together; happy pupils learn.

Have the highest expectations of our pupils across all areas of their education and development, with flexibility in our approach.

Challenge and support our pupils to be confident in recognising their own and each other’s strengths and talents across the broad Copthill curriculum.

Acknowledge that learning can be difficult and aim to reassure our pupils that making mistakes is part of the process of learning.

Work to instil in our pupils the curiosity, excitement, desire and drive to be lifelong learners, seizing every opportunity to pursue their dreams and to write their own success stories at each stage of their journey.

Grow pupils as Copthill Learners (responsible citizens, independent explorers, team players, problem solvers, creative thinkers and reflective learners), respecting each other, our environment and ourselves and preparing for the next stage in life, whatever that might be.

From the Principal, Copthill School