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“Pupils love the ‘work’ they do outdoors, and lessons in the woods or out in the open are significant contributory factors which help pupils to develop highly positive attitudes to school and to display such joy and enthusiasm for all they undertake in school”

ISA Inspectorate

On the farm, Copthill School
Copthill Icon – bee

It’s not every day you have the chance to feed and clean alpacas, but you do at Copthill – ours are called Kieran, Ivan and Nathan.

Then there’s our donkeys, Dougie and Wilma, who are firm favourites as are the dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits and sheep. Looking after the chickens (too many to name) is a highly prized job, the real perk being to collect and sell the eggs.

Copthill Icon – oak-tree

Pupils from all year groups help to look after our animals and Year 6 pupils are responsible for walking the school dogs, Harley and Piper.

These daily opportunities are all part of growing up and give pupils the chance to take responsibility and to provide reliable help.

On the farm, Copthill School