Year 3

A bit of bzzz and baaa

Do you think Year 3 are ready for half term….. hmmmmm

What a fabulous treat we had watching a real life sheep shearer in action. Where was he during lockdown?! A few of us could have used his services! It was wonderful to see how fast he could shear the sheep and I’m not sure whether the sheep would have wanted to get rid of their wooly coats during this rather chilly weather!

Look at our fantastic cubes showing the life cycle of the honeybee!

Knowing the importance of saving and nurturing the bees, we thought Year 3 should be united front when producing posters to explain just that! Here we are altogether busy in action… Needless to say there was a lot of tidying up to be had!

‘Time’ is certainly flying by and we are counting the ‘hours’ until half term….but until then we have been creating some very useful clocks to help us tell the time using the minutes to and minutes past language….practice over half term would certainly be of benefit!

If only we had more hours in the day….time is flying by and we created our own clocks to help us tell the time using the minutes past and minutes to… practice will definitely help over the half term!

We are still having great fun with our dressing up box – this little group decided to open a Mexican restaurant this week!

Year 3 have some very talented finger knitters! Their nimble fingers have been busy learning a new skill in the Art Club this half term – hats, snakes, butterflies, hearts, owls have been crafted! SSSSSSSSSSSSSimply Ssssssssssssssssssplendid!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone! We look forward to more exciting learning during our last half term together! (Sob…)