Years 5 & 6

Bushcraft Adventures!

For both groups this years Buschraft trip provided challenges and new experiences. As always the real benefits of such opportunities are often only felt on their return. For some it will be the quiet satisfaction of having seen the trip through and for others it was bravely trying new food! Certainly the weather added to the challenge although it did not stop the programme of activities. I am sure they will all look back with happy memories.

My sincere thanks to Mrs Stanbury, Mrs Hesford, Mrs Alcoran, Mr Willson, Mr Smith and Mrs Pye for the amazing care and support they provided all the children along with the Bushcraft staff. They too  rose to the challenge!

There are some great photos on the albums if you have not yet had time to view.

Year 6 – Year 6 Album

Year 5 – Year 5 Album