Final Year 5&6 Girls Fixture

Today was the girls final fixture of the Summer term 2021 and it was a successful way to finish the first full term of Cricket for girls at Copthill. We placed the girls into 4 mixed ability teams and played four teams from Stamford Junior with mixed gender and ability. It made for an interesting change. It was nice to face some different bowling, batting and fielding and it made the atmosphere feel that bit more relaxed.

The girls were all amazing and across the teams there were a number of 4s and 6s as well as wickets and catches. It made for some great Cricket to watch. We had the lovely Mrs Young return to help with a team today and her comment to the girls as we sat for teas was how impressed she was with the consistency of our bowling. Wonderful credit to the girls who have worked and worked on this skill across the term.

Each of the 4 teams played a two 8 ball over game and left we time, we then played a different team for two 4 ball overs. Copthill won 6 of the 8 with 1 draw and 1 loss. It was a really positive way for the Year6’s to finish their fixtures at Copthill.

Team 1 – 91-77 win & 66-39 win

Team 2 – 99-105 loss & 44-44 draw

Team 3 – 92-87 win

Team 4 – 138-126 win & 57-43 win