Year 2

Fun, Food Chains and Football

We’ve had a great week in Year 2, especially because we have been back on the field for our break times and this has meant lots of forest play and football matches.

There has been some amazing measuring with tape measures and meter sticks and we have also been practicing our times tables.

In English we worked in pairs to invent a product we wanted to persuade the rest of the class to buy. We had a new iPhone and Pringles that were in the shape of footballs!

Ballerinas- Please remember to bring in a scarf for your ballet lessons.

Homework- This half term our topic is Neighbourhood Watch. The children have been looking at the local area and have been practicing their persuasive writing. The challenge this half term is to produce a leaflet advertising a tourist attraction from the local area. Please send the leaflets into school by the 24th May.

We are sending pencil cases home this weekend for you to check them and top them up if needed.

  • HB Pencil x2
  • Eraser
  • Set of coloured pencils
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Set of Felt Pens
  • Glue Stick
  • 30cm Ruler