Year 3


Well that’s how this week has been – one minute it is Monday morning; the next it’s flashed by and it’s time for a Blog before we know it! Lots of fantastic ‘Pop’ artwork using onomatopoeic words – the children ‘zapped’ through their 3D lettering – quite a skill! These pieces are now on display in the foyer to really ‘bamboozle’ the Copthill Community and our visitors as they enter the school! Here are some photos of some of the graphic artists in action!

Here are Year 3 with their finished pieces:

Our closing assignment on Fractions involved using wooden 2D shapes, working out the fraction of each shape used in the overall picture.

Time was of the essence this week when matching times to the corresponding clocks. There was a race between each half of the class – who could match them the quickest?!

Then a very special delivery of jumbled months of the year arrived for the mathematicians to order correctly under timed conditions – 44 seconds was the fastest time for completion!

So we had to ‘dodge’ the rain in Athletics and Kwik Cricket club and what better way than playing Dodgeball… a fierce battle ensued with a draw at the end…a rematch has been called!

It’s always wonderful when children embrace the Creative curriculum and take their passion home with them. Florence has been a busy bee and created this super little chap! 🐝