Year 2

Mad about adjectives!

This week we have gone crazy for adjectives! We went on an adjective hunt around the classroom and outdoor area to find objects that were ‘shiny’, ‘fluffy’, ‘soft, ‘lumpy’ and ‘transparent’ (to name a few!) and the children got really involved finding it difficult to just write one thing to list! We then moved on to applying adjectives to characters, settings and props from our story ‘The Night Pirates’. Again, the children really enjoyed coming up with suitable adjectives to describe the ‘gruesome’ Captain Patch, the ‘mischevious’ girl pirates and the ‘dazzling’ treasure. We then applied these to some creative writing where we came up with our detailed sentences.

In maths we have come to the end of our place value and counting in 2, 5 and 10 consolidation and will be moving on to addition and subtraction. The children have done a fantastic job at reminding themselves to recognise the value of each digit in 2- and 3- digit numbers, which will support their next topic.

Pirates continued to play a big part in our week, with both classes creating some amazing pirate portraits in their forest school lesson and also making pirate ships using resources from nature. They look great on our display boards and the children are proud to see their work on the walls in the corridors.

Each child has been given a manifesto in their book bags to complete over the weekend, if they wish to run for the position on the school council. There will be a vote taken next week, so please can we ask that they are completed and returned to us by Tuesday at the latest. Please work with your son/daughter to draw or write their reasons for wanting to be on the school council.