Year 4

Miles were achieved this week!

What a great start to the week! An incredible effort from Year 4 during the Tribike event. The whole school clocked up 1314 km that day and Year 4 cycled over 200 km in just over half an hour.

A delicious brownie in a mug was baked in House-Keeping club this week. They smelt and tasted delicious (I am told, sadly Mrs Pye and I missed out on the treat this week!)

We have learnt about different types of skeletons and finding examples of animals which have the varying types. We have also been learning about our muscles and made models to demonstrate how they work in pairs and of course the importance of the tendons. Quite a fiddly task, but well worth it – we loved the end product and took them home to demonstrate our knowledge.

Our Vulture Island is finished! We have shown Mrs Brulo (our visiting author who set us the challenge). She was most impressed by our efforts and is convinced that Griff (the vulture in her story) would love to live on our island. 

Super team effort not only to produce the piece but the effort to clean the classroom afterwards – our lovely cleaners couldn’t believe what an amazing job the children had done at tidying up after such a creative session using modroc, paint, glitter and a glue gun!
Have a super weekend everybody!