Year 3

Skipping Tastic!

Monday morning saw us shake off those morning blues and skip! Georgia came and taught the children different styles of skipping and it was great to watch every single child persevere and really try their hardest to achieve their own personal goals. It certainly kept away the Autumnal chill!

Mexico was the destination in Culture Club and the children made some fabulous Sombrero badges and they were introduced to Speedy Gonzalez – the fastest mouse in all of Mexico – and they had great fun with a homemade Pinata! 

Tessellation is the name of the game  and it was great to see the children creating their own tessellating shape following the instructions on how to measure correctly. The finished result is great and could adorn any bathroom!

The children had a lovely time in Forest School last week making clay poppies in the week we remembered the soldiers who have fought for us. As you can see they were stunning

Magnetism is still flavour of the month and the children are enjoying investigating whether objects repel or attract…does anyone know what 3 metals an object must contain to attract a magnet?