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Summer Smiles

The summer term is here already! We hope you all had a lovely Easter break. The children in Year 2 have come back with big smiles on their faces and eager to learn and have fun. It helps that the sun is out and shining, and already we have been taking our learning outside as much as we can. Mrs Underwood took them outside for their RE lesson and Miss Gardner took the children out for their art lessons.

Our new topic this half term is ‘Where the Wild things are’ which is all about animals. The children are very excited to share their prior knowledge and facts of animals and are keen to get started. They were able to give us an insight to this in one of our English lessons. We picked an animal and our friends had to question us to find out what the animal was. We could only answer with yes or no so the questions had to be carefully thought of and worded properly. In another lesson we were talking about our senses and had to test our memories by looking at objects on a tray then having to recall the objects and see how many we could remember. We worked together as table teams but it was still really tricky to remember!

In art, both classes were given half an animals face and they had to draw the other half, using their observation skills and senses to look at the colours, shapes and detail needed for each one. We were so impressed with the work that was produced – well done all! In maths we are looking at measurement – all showing a great understanding of the vocab used in this particular topic but some practise is needed measuring objects using a ruler. We are great at drawing lines of a certain length with a ruler, but actually measuring an object can be a bit of a challenge. If we can have a go at that over the weekend, ahead of next week then that would be great.

On Friday afternoon we went to introduce ourselves to the newest members of Copthill, Cedric and Colin the tortoises. Just a reminder about pencil cases, these have come home again this weekend as quite a few are missing things such as pencils. Please have a couple of pencils in case they are lost or get broken. Also, if sun hats can start coming into school then we have them as and when the weather starts to improve!