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What a catch!

We have had an absolute blast in Forest School holiday club! To start the week we made dens using tarpaulins and ropes to then endure the water test. We had some technical pulley systems made to be able to bring buckets of equipment to them when needed. Using mud and hapazome art we made flags and artwork to hang in our dens.

We have all been looking after the animals and learning the difference between hay and straw so we know which one to put down for the animals beds and which one to feed them. We also had cuddles with the chickens and pigs.

On Wednesday we had a cooking day and made rhubarb and apple crumble and also made bread to have with honey on our stick of willow. The children did a fantastic job at preparing the fruit using knives.

On Thursday, we played forest school games, climbed trees at dead man’s island and made rafts to float on the river. In the afternoon we went pond dipping and as you can see, ended up with a heavy net!