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Year 2 diary: Part 4

Another famous person to learn about this week – Florence Nightingale. She was a lady who is famous for making sure hospitals changed to become clean and tidy. She was a nurse who trained other women to become nurses and she helped save lots of people from infection and disease. Here are some interesting facts about Florence Nightingale….1) she was born in Italy and named after the city she was born in, 2) she had a pet owl called Athena, 3) she got given an award by Queen Victoria for all of the work she has done – written by some of the Y2 children.

With our trip to the space centre on Monday, we did carry the space theme over into this week. In art 2G created colourful galaxy paintings and turned themselves into astronauts, floating around in space. In forest school 2U were busy using objects from the outdoors to create asteroids and moon rock.

It was very exciting on Friday as we got to get time back in the library. This week was 2G’s turn and they spent a lovely 30 minutes exploring the books in the library and getting stuck into both fiction and non-fiction books. They are so excited to having another visit! In games we have continued to work on our teamwork taking part in team games. In music we have been practising our recorders.

Both groups have been looking at multiplication and times tables in maths, we would really like to ask that these are practised at home alongside in school. Here are a few links that you could play at home.




Don’t forget to work on your tudor houses ready for the week commencing 7th February and any independent learner posters.