Year 3

Yipeeee We’re Back

Hooray we’re all back and raring to go for the rest of the term! It’s great to see everyone and listening to the excited chatter of the children and staff too! It’s been straight back to it and the children are learning all about the Celts and they had a very lively discussion comparing the Romans and the Celts way of living.  There were a few Romans who changed sides to the Celts as they sounded as though they were having more fun! 

Clubs made a welcome return and there is such a variety for the children ranging from Easter craft activities to Drama and Uni Hockey to No Bake Cookery!

Forest School was all about the Celtic Tree of life – which represents wisdom, long life and strength to the Celts.

Coming to the end of our Perimeter topic and the children had great fun using the Trundle wheel and metre sticks to measure the perimeter of the playground…. there were a few discrepancies in the total!

We have been busy making well deserved treats for Mummies ahead of Mother’s Day. We are sure that the paper floral bouquet will be well received.

In English we have picked up from where we left off during home learning with our newspaper reports. The children identified the key features within news articles and enjoyed reading the news!

What an exhausting week we have had but a great week it has been! Wishing all our Mummies a relaxing and spoily Mother’s Day – and there won’t be any home schooling!