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You must read this!

See what a bit of persuasive language does! We have been continuing to learn about advertisements and have found a product that we all would like to market – incredibly tasty healthy biscuits. Watch this space it … we are still in the early planning stage! Here we are tasting the biscuits lovingly baked by Looby!

Further to our learning about healthy eating, in art we demonstrated our understanding of differing food types on bad teeth showing food that have a high sugar content which are very bad for our teeth and good teeth with healthy food including fruit vegetables which are very good for our bodies. Toothbrushes and more felted handsewn fruit and vegetables were sucessfully completed:

We had a special visitor in our maths lesson who joined in with our starter activity on finding a fraction of an amounts. Mrs Westwood was amazing and enjoyed the encouragement and support that she received from the children:

Have a fabulous weekend!